Thank you for your overwhelming interest and support the last couple years. In fact, we’ve so enjoyed talking about composting, worms and meeting people at farmer’s markets and events—that we want to get even better at it! We have recently relocated to San Francisco so Eric can pursue an MBA in sustainable management. That’s right–a program that focuses on infusing social responsibility and sustainable practices into the business world.

So while we are not currently available for events or markets in Kansas City, we’re happy to connect you with other local resources and answer any questions you have about worms or composting!

We can be reached here: thegreenwormkc@gmail.com

Happy Composting!

Sarah & Eric


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We’ve got worms!

Our worms are rejuvenated and repopulated. Ready to compost your food and paper waste indoors? Then meet us at the City Market this Saturday, July 18th and we’ll help you get started.

Plenty of bokashi and worm castings will be on hand as well! See you there.

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Growing Power grows the movement

KC Urban Farms & Gardens Tour--BADSEED Farm

If you’re hungry for more information on urban farming, check out this article from the NY Times. Will Allen’s Growing Power urban farm in Milwaukee does it all.

Urban beekeeping? check.

Tilapia and watercress that sustain one another via aquaponics? check.

Composting with worms? double check.

“When you’re producing a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of food in such a small space, soil fertility is everything. Without microbe- and nutrient-rich worm castings (poop, that is), Allen’s Growing Power farm couldn’t provide healthful food to 10,000 urbanites.”

And what’s most inspiring about this farm—and many urban farms for that matter—is shifting the imbalance of where fresh, nutritious food is accessible and affordable. Because if the nearest place to purchase an organic, reasonably priced tomato is a 2 hr commute by bus……that fast food joint on the corner is going to be awfully appealing. Allen even considers this common urban development practice a form of redlining. And we agree.

So if you had an opportunity to tour Kansas City’s urban farms recently, be sure that your interest and support doesn’t stop there. Ask how you can get more involved. Sign up for a CSA membership if you haven’t already. Or learn about how to grow your own!

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Thank you for your interest in the green worm. In fact, there’s been so much interest that our red wigglers need a break—some time to relax and re-populate! We will not be at the City Market this Saturday, but will return with revived worms, worm bins, and composting solutions on Saturday, July 18th.

In the meantime, you can call Eric at 913.706.3674 to arrange a time for pick up at our urban farm in Waldo.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the Urban Farms and Gardens Tour last Sunday! We were stationed out at BADSEED Farm, and by all accounts it was a wildly successful day. You can find some photos here and here.

Thank you and happy worming!

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Get in touch with your inner-farmer!

Kansas City’s Urban Farms & Garden Tour is upon us! Farmers and gardeners all over the city have been busy in the dirt and look forward to showing you the ropes this weekendEric digging with nephew Dylan in our urban garden. the green wormers will be on hand at BADSEED Farm in south KC this Sunday, June 28th from 11am to 5pm at 1201 E. Bannister, KCMO.

Pre-tour events are going on now through Sunday. You can find Eric from the green worm at the Waldo Branch of KCMO Libraries this Thursday, June 25th at 2pm (75th and Grand Ave. KCMO). He’ll be there to teach kids how Worms Eat our Trash.

Don’t miss out–hope to see you on the tour!

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Unlikely (but really fun!) party guests

A little worn out on the traditional plasticware demo parties? All stocked up cosmetics and candlworms eating paper and food scraps!es? Then why not host your very own Home Composting Party?

Gather at least 4 of your friends and the green worm will provide a brief presentation, demonstrate the set-up/maintenance/harvesting of a worm composting bin, and have guests ready to go home with a bin of their very own!

What a fun excuse to host a summer get-together! And we promise the worms won’t hog all the cheese dip.

For more info send us an email (thegreenwormkc@gmail.com) or call 913.706.3674.

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Show mom you care: buy her some worm poop.

This Mother’s Day there is no better way to let her know she matters—than by giving her organic matter that has been recycled by worms.worm poop! Our happy worm castings (aka worm poop) are a nutrient-rich, natural fertilizer and soil conditioner for your garden, lawn and potted plants. Castings can be used as top dressing on outdoor plants and lawns or as potting soil. Worm castings restore soil by improving its structure, enriching with beneficial micro-organisms, and improving water retention.

Pick some up—along with our worm kits, bokashi, and compost “tea”—this Saturday, May 9th at City Market.

You can thank us later for getting you back on Mom’s good side.

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