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Green Worm Resources

Composting isn’t hard to do, but it does have it’s own language! You may or may not be familiar with some of these terms:

Bokashi: a Japanese word meaning fermented organic matter–is commonly used for food waste recycling, odor control for pet waste, and to accelerate compost and mulch decomposition. Read more about bokashi.

Compost tea: a refreshing beverage for your plants! This concoction is usually made from steeping compost in water. Ours contains high levels of beneficial bacteria for your plants. It is also comes ready to use! Read more about compost tea.

Worm Castings: a nutrient rich, natural fertilizer and soil conditioner. Also known as worm poop! Read more about worm castings.


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Welcome to The Green Worm!

Hey! Thanks to all of you who stopped by our stall at the farmer’s market this weekend!

First Farmer's Maraket

We’re busy updating our online home for you, but in the meantime be sure to check out this stuff:

What is vermicomposting? (Hint: it involves worms!) Or maybe you want to Learn more about composting.

You can always visit us each Saturday at The City Market in Kansas City, MO!

Be sure to check back soon as we’ll have a lot of great resources, more info and other stuff up soon!

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