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More worms and poo on the way!

We’re taking a week off from the market to expand our capacity….but in the meantime be sure to check out The Little Green Festival (in the Big Cottonwood Forest) coming up in Lawrence on August 2nd! the green worm will be there from 10am to 6pm and will lead a Worm Bin workshop at 5:30pm!   The following Saturday we’ll return to our regular gig at the City Market. You can now check our schedule here for regular updates on upcoming appearances!


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The Green Worm Expands

Thanks so much to everyone who came by our booth at the City Market last Saturday! Many people learned about us for the first time by watching the FOX 4 news story which is great to hear.

In an effort to increase our capacity to provide more worms and worm poo to the good people of Kansas City, we’re expanding our operations! We just picked up another new (well, old) bathtub from Habitat ReStore in the east bottoms.

The “farm hands” decided to test it out first before the worms move in to their more spacious digs. Thanks to Weena, Midge, and Charlie for their help!  I’m happy to report that the worms are stretching out and settling in just fine!

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Green News: Could food waste save the planet?

This recent article on Alternet (a great news site, by the way) seems to think so.  It claims that composting isn’t just a good idea, it’s necessary to alleviate a lot of the world’s current problems:  global warming, carbon emissions, bad economy, and food waste.

Many [Canadian] cities offer subsidized backyard composters and balcony worm bins, and this obviously needs to continue. Nothing could be better than closing the loop right at home — eat food, compost scraps, spread compost on your garden, eat more food.

You should check out the article . . . it poses some pretty awesome (and possible) solutions.

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the green worm grows!

We’re branching out beyond the local scene because we realize that everyone should be able to vermicompost, no matter where they live!

Perhaps you’re in Birmingham and want to buy bokashi.  Or you’re in Connecticut and need compost tea.  Wherever you are, we’re happy to help you get your composting started right.

Check out our online store here.

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On Fox 4 Morning News

Your local wormers were invited onto the Fox 4 Morning Show this Thursday, July 17.  At 8:20 in the morning, co-founder Eric talked about vermicomposting and living the green life.

It’s never too early to talk about worm poop and sustainable living!  Check out the video here.

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In honor of Independence Day….

…”let freedom ring” for beneficial bacteria by releasing some bokashi into your outdoor compost pile!

Bokashi is a product we make from fermented wheat bran and it contains gobs of good bacteria to pickle your food scraps and then give your outdoor compost pile a jump start.

We’ll be spending time with family this weekend, so we won’t be at the farmer’s market on July 5th. But expect a fully-stocked return to the City Market on Saturday, July 12th! See you then.

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