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Happy Earth Day!

Not that we can’t do green things every day, but what a wonderful excuse to learn about a new way to live more sustainably!green-worm-ed-pic

And while we’re on the topic, do you ever want to learn more about how worms actually eat our trash? Or how some people use funky wheat bran to pickle their leftovers? Do you wake up in a cold sweat with thoughts of 7th grade, trying to recall the difference between aerobic and anaerobic processes??

Then consider inviting the green wormers out to your school or community event for a presentation or workshop. Find out more by clicking on the Education Info Sheet on the right hand side of this page!


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Rev up your compost pile….

….with happy bacteria!

I am convinced that the weather is really going to warm up this week and actually stay that way. And more tolerable weather means dealing with a (sometimes) intolerable outdoor compost pile. One that has likely been stagnant all winter, am I right?

bokashi!A simple solution to an idle pile is to add some bokashi–or femented wheat bran–to it. Our bokashi is loaded with beneficial bacteria—the kind that will “jump start” your compost pile and attract all kinds of earth worms. More worms in your pile means speedier composting!

Our bokashi can be directly added to your outdoor compost pile, or first used to “pickle” some food scraps and then added to the pile. This additional step increases the benefit. Check out this video to learn more.

Hope to see you this Saturday at City Market!

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Off and Worming!

Thanks to everyone who made it out to Green Drinks–it was a great evening of socializing and learning about composting!

Here’s Eric talking with folks at Green Drinks about home composting solutions.

Here’s Eric talking with folks at Green Drinks about home composting solutions.

Next up this Saturday is the Eat Local Farmers Expo! This event is sponsored by the Kansas City Food Circle and features dozens of local farmers growing healthy foods and utilizing natural processes. the green worm will be on hand with soil enriching products to help you grow your own healthy food. For a great article about veggie gardening with specifics on when to plant what for our region, check out this recent article from the Wichita Eagle.

Hope to see you Saturday!

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The Green Worm Pics