Growing Power grows the movement

July 8, 2009 at 8:31 am Leave a comment

KC Urban Farms & Gardens Tour--BADSEED Farm

If you’re hungry for more information on urban farming, check out this article from the NY Times. Will Allen’s Growing Power urban farm in Milwaukee does it all.

Urban beekeeping? check.

Tilapia and watercress that sustain one another via aquaponics? check.

Composting with worms? double check.

“When you’re producing a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of food in such a small space, soil fertility is everything. Without microbe- and nutrient-rich worm castings (poop, that is), Allen’s Growing Power farm couldn’t provide healthful food to 10,000 urbanites.”

And what’s most inspiring about this farm—and many urban farms for that matter—is shifting the imbalance of where fresh, nutritious food is accessible and affordable. Because if the nearest place to purchase an organic, reasonably priced tomato is a 2 hr commute by bus……that fast food joint on the corner is going to be awfully appealing. Allen even considers this common urban development practice a form of redlining. And we agree.

So if you had an opportunity to tour Kansas City’s urban farms recently, be sure that your interest and support doesn’t stop there. Ask how you can get more involved. Sign up for a CSA membership if you haven’t already. Or learn about how to grow your own!


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Recuperation! We’ve got worms!

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