the green worm promotes sustainable living through the creation of natural, soil-enriching products for your garden, lawn, and house plants.

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Worm Bin Kits ($40)– What better way to recycle your food and paper scraps than by feeding them to hungry (and cute!) red wiggler worms? Our indoor composting kits includes 1lb of red wigglers, a breathable container, some bedding to start and instructions to get you started. Keep your worms well fed and within 6 to 8 weeks they’ll return the favor with worm castings—known by serious gardners as black gold! Mix in the castings with potted plants, or use as a top dressing in your garden and your plants will love you!castings!

Worm Castings (4lbs–$7)- Our happy worm castings (aka worm poop) are a nutrient-rich, natural fertilizer and soil conditioner for your garden, lawn and potted plants. Castings can be used as top dressing on outdoor plants/lawns or as potting soil. Worm castings restore soil by improving its structure, enriching with beneficial micro-organisms, and improving water retention.

Bokashi (2lbs–$5)- Is an idle compost pile getting you down? Well our bokashi is loaded with beneficial bokashi!bacteria—the kind that will “jump start” your compost pile and attract all kinds of earth worms. More worms in your pile means speedier composting! Our bokashi can be directly added to your outdoor compost pile, or first used to “pickle” some food scraps and then added to the pile. This additional step increases the benefit.

*Photos by RJ Mickelson–check him out!


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